Ecomail Features

1. Build

Quickly build and manage your customer databases

2. Create

Easily create eye catching promotions, invitations, and newsletters

3. Send

Send targeted communications to specific customer segments

4. Track

Efficiently track and analyse results in real time

Ecomail is a simple, yet powerful online system that allows you to easily manage your email and SMS marketing communications in an efficient and effective manner.

Designed with the needs of both experienced and novice email marketers, ecomail will guide you through your first send out, while providing proficient users with enough system flexibility.

Create / Edit Emails

Create professional looking HTML emails with ease. Personalise, add content, insert your images and then target your customers based on their profiles. Emails can be duplicated with ease for re-use and stored in customisable email folders.

Click & Replace Wizard

Create attention grabbing email brochures with the unique “Click & Replace” template wizard. Choose from an array of designer templates and simply click and replace content and images as required. Text versions are automatically created increasing your message deliverability.

Custom Email Design Flexibility

Create a new campaign from scratch or upload a previously used email design. The advanced editor allows you to customise email design with ease. You can easily toggle between your HTML and plain text option ensuring that you maximise your message delivery.

File Manager

Upload images, PDFs, movie files or word documents with the File Manager. Images are automatically optimised for the web along with the ability to link to larger versions that can be blown up to full size.

PDFs and word documents can be easily linked to words or images allowing recipients do download with ease. All downloaded files are tracked allowing you to view which images were enlarged or PDFs that were viewed.

Email Folders

Create unlimited emails and store in multiple emails folders allowing you to easily archive newsletters, special promotions, product updates and surveys.


Emails can be personalised by inserting any database variable (first and last name, items purchase) into the body of the email, subject and from lines. This means that you can create 1000 customers by their first name and even tell them exactly what their last purchase was, all within seconds.

Viral marketing with “Send to a Friend”

Increase your campaign response by inserting a Send to a Friend link. This is a great way to allow recipients to send your email to friends who might also be interested. You can also link your web registration forms within emails allowing new recipients to register for newsletters or enquire about your products and services.

Send Campaigns

Select your campaign, choose your database and hit send! Your email is efficiently delivered at high speed through specialised email delivery servers. You can even schedule a series of campaigns to go out at specific intervals with reports being provided on the successful execution of each send.

Advanced Search Tools Help You Target

Search functions allow you to send to your entire database, to new subscribers only or subscribers who haven't yet received certain information. You can also send to customers based on profiles, such as all customers who live on in Auckland and purchased within a month or to all double opt in recipients only.

Schedule Mail Outs

Emails can be scheduled for sending at any point in the future. Simply select the time you'd like the email sent and a report is delivered to you upon successful delivery of your email campaign.

Database Management

Managing your contacts has never been this easy. You can easily upload contact lists and create web forms to build databases from online sources.

You can search contact lists and segment creating new databases based on search variables. Un-subscribers are automatically managed inline with Spam Compliance ‘Best Practice'.

Create Databases

You can create a database in seconds by uploading an Excel (csv) spreadsheet with your address book details. You can choose to preset the database fields or simply create your database based exactly on your Excel file. Database information can also be manually entered one at a time.

You can create unlimited databases all within specific database folders ensuring easy management of contact lists.

Registration Forms

Build your databases from website forms. Each database you create automatically creates web registration forms that can be used on websites, within emails or on Desktop computers as a quick and easy method of inputting data.

Forms can be easily branded with logos, images and background colours, with the ability to create multiple forms for each of your databases. Web Forms are the ideal way to build customer lists through newsletter registration, contact us and enquiry forms and online surveys.

Trigger Based Emails

Automated email responses can be set up creating a closed loop sales process. When customers enquire for information, sign up for a newsletter, or request information specific to a product, automated email brochures can be triggered. Reports are provided enabling you to view actions/responses to these emails.

CRM Functionality

With the customer contact history feature, you can view all customer contact history whether by email, phone, or meeting. You can also track per database member, which emails have been sent and what activity has taken place from each campaign.

Customer Detail Updates

Each campaign you send out can include a Profile Update function allowing your database of contacts to update their personal profile. You can even hide specific information that is for company use only (i.e., profiling as a VIP customer).

Statistical reports allow you to see update profile activity per campaign. This is also a great way to begin profiling your database if you only have an email address to start with.

Manage Un-subscribers

Recipients can unsubscribe from your database simply by entering their email address and choosing to remove themselves. You are provided with reporting detailing un-subscribers and they are automatically placed into an unsubscribe folder allowing easy management.

Previously un-subscribed contacts are also flagged and blocked when trying to re upload from new spreadsheets or other database systems providing peace of mind that you won't carelessly resend information to previously un-subscribed members.

Manage Bounced (Undelivered) Emails

Ecomail provides easy Bounce management alerting you to individual emails that were unable to be delivered. Bounces are flagged as Permanent or Temporary based on reasons for non delivery. You can easily update the correct email address and resend to temporary and full mail boxes.


Ecomail provides comprehensive 3D pie chart reporting on all aspects of sent campaigns. Understanding your customer's actions provides insight in order to improve your marketing effectiveness.

Statistical Results

Reports provide detailed information on the following from each email sent:

  • Number of emails received
  • Number of email opened
  • Percentage of HTML to Plain text
  • Links clicked (Unique vs. Total)
  • Who actually clicked links
  • Click through rate as %
  • Forward to Friend Activity
  • Un-subscribers and bounced emails
  • Number of profile updates
  • All statistical data can be downloaded into usable reports.

Reports also detail total number of emails sent, number of databases, total number of new subscribers since last period and total number of un-subscribers.

Online Surveys

Online surveys can be created within minutes. Survey forms can be customised with your branding and sent out in emails with all responses automatically uploaded into your survey database, allowing you to easily review survey results instantly.

Reports are also delivered with survey results in addition to auto thank you emails being sent to all participants. Data can be extracted into Excel spreadsheets for further processing.


Ecomail's administration section enables you to:
  • Add sub users
  • Restrict access to specific areas such as databases or campaign creation
  • View history of account usage
  • Manage billing and pay online


Get help from training wizards that walk and talk you through the main system features within 5 minutes allowing you to create a database, send an email and check your results.

  • User Guides (online and PDF)
  • FAQ's
  • Glossary
  • Post a Question

Spam Act Compliance

Ecomail has a number of inbuilt features to make Spam Compliance simple and manageable.

  • Consent – Confirm individuals' consent with double opt-in functionality
  • Identify – A facility to ensure accurate sender information is included at the bottom of all emails
  • Unsubscribe – Automatic unsubscribe facility provides you with reports and methods to maintain clean lists even when managing on and offline databases.